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Sugar Baby

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Alabama’s own CHANDLER, has expanded his repertoire, collaborating with artists from Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between, including Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda; Grammy award winning producers, Jintae Ko, John Greenham and Femke; and Nashville’s top hit songwriters, Rob Persaud, Deanna Walker, and Will McBeath. He’s recently been featured on EDM duo, Tokyo Smoke’s latest EP, "Lie to Me.”  Through all the turns of the industry, he’s kept his hometown-heart, creating music we can all relate to, much like LAUV or FINNEAS with a twist of Ed Sheeran.


CHANDLER has been featured in Rolling Stone, Sinusoidal Music, KIMU, Tongue Tied Magazine, Space SourPop Passion, Minimalistic Music, TJPL News and Reviews, and more (see links above.) With the latest single, Sugar Baby, CHANDLER continues to expand his artistry and push himself creatively. 


"If you follow me on socials, you know I'm a foodie specifically in the realm of pasta. I believe cooking and plating is an expression of art; and, in most cases, simple is better. I believe the same about music...I'm working on a project to bring my worlds together - a pairing of sound and immersive experience on how the two relate to and effect one another..." - Chandler 

Quarantine lockdown, summer 2021



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